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Currently in Quincy - May 13, 2019

Guests Lori Hagborg, Joe Salvucci and Carmen Chen discuss the Quincy Band Boosters, promote an upcoming fundraiser and concert on May 28th.

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Currently in Quincy - May 10, 2019

Guest Tom Clasby, Director of the Quincy Council on Aging, talks about the 37th annual Quincy Senior Olympics and the 10th anniversary of The Kennedy Center.

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Currently in Quincy - May 6, 2019

Guest Marie McCabe of the Good Neighbor Energy Fund talks about the organization and how to apply for assistance.

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Currently in Quincy - May 3, 2019

Guests Yoichi Udagawa (conductor) and Barbara Clement (president) of the Quincy Symphony Orchestra talk about the May 5th concert to be held at Quincy High School.

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2019 Quincy Senior Olympics Information

Join "On the Ball" co-hosts as they preview the upcoming Quincy Senior Olympic Games.

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